The Future Is Evident

Note From Angie 

When I think about how I want to be remembered when I depart this life, I want to leave behind a legacy of work for people to continue to enjoy for generations to come. I also want to leave a positive impact on people’s lives so that they can pass that on to others. Last year, I lost three of my favorite creative inspirations: David Bowie and Prince, and Leo Velasquez. Leo’s death hit closest to my heart. We grew up a few blocks away from each other, we shared a lot of the same friends and we shared a similar creative drive. Growing up in Jackson Heights, Queens, there weren’t many creative outlets for kids like us. Many of our peers didn’t pursue artistic careers because most of us came from working class families and it just wasn’t practical. But Leo was not afraid of taking risks. In fact, he thrived on them, and he encouraged others to do the same -to be true to themselves and to pursue their wildest artistic dreams. Some people were fortunate to enough to be along side him throughout his life’s journey and some just watched from afar. But however he came into your life, he had a positive everlasting effect. There is a new underground art scene growing in Queens, and I believe that it was Leo who was the catalyst.

Below are a series of photos from one of Leo’s last projects for which he traveled to Utah with his best friends, The Evident Future team: Creative director and designer Christian Morales and photographer Edgar Bolanos. Together they created this epic story that feels like something out of this world.


Finally, I would like to announce my collaboration with my dear friend, Leo’s older brother, Will Velasquez, who will now be heading the Evident Future brand along with Christian Morales. With our first Diaboli Kill X Evident Future collection we wanted to pay tribute to Leo. We created an iconic single graphic pendant earring, a style that was part of Leo’s everyday signature look. This is “Phase One: New Moon”. 

– Angie Marei

“It has long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.”  – Leonardo Da Vinci

Last year, the New York fashion community tragically lost a brilliant creator ahead of his time. A funny, charismatic, naturally gifted artist, an innovator and visionary. He was a self-less spiritual being that inspired and encouraged those around him to see be the best versions of themselves. Leonel Velasquez, known as “Leo” was born on June 25th 1984, grew up in Queens, New York.

Leo began unleashing his creative flair by cutting hair at the young age of 13. He created unique and futuristic Mad-Max-like, unapologetic bold looks with pops of bright neon colors and sharp edgy lines that many would agree were ahead of his time. Extraordinary styles that would, years later become trends. Dominican model and actress Omahyra Mota, Leo’s muse and dear friend, who left her mark in the fashion scene as one of the most recognizable faces for her strikingly beautiful androgynous look, would be seen sporting his signature hair cuts. He would go on to also cut hair for his celebrity clientele.

In 2010 Leo began crafting his signature style was one that burgeoned a new genre of luxury street wear. In spring/summer 2012 he launched his first menswear line, Evident Future. Evident Future was a hybrid collection taking inspiration from futuristic sci-fi movies like ‘The 5th Element’ to Harlem’s hip hop group Dipset, The NY Met’s team uniform, to moto meets Jedi. He created a one of a kind vision that tested the boundaries of fashion.

A creative genius that breathed new life into this fashion niche and inspired a lot of what luxury street wear is today. He began his career as a fashion stylist working on editorials for major magazines and creating unique looks and couture designs for his celebrity clients on and off stage such as Kanye West, Usher, Kid Kudi,Tracy Morgan, Lamar Odom and most recently from 2013 until his last day, Leo worked with his close friend, the famed British singer and song writer FKA Twigs’ as one of her stylists as well as her creative consultant. Together Leo and FKA Twigs pushed boundaries as they collaborated on avant garde creative projects and concepts for her music videos, on stage fashion-forward embellished looks for her as well as her band.

Leo continued on to work on numerous creative projects and let his artistic passion guide him until his very last day. His brother Will Velasquez and best friend Christian Morales will now take over the brand Evident to continue his legacy forever.

"Become your dreams, Inspire the future.The future is evident...”

– Leo Velasquez